Lightspeed Panels Magenta Tarragon

    1982 to 1985 

    The Magenta Tarragon was a bold move for Lightspeed Panels. Attempting to bring a car that was practical, modern and of original design to the kit car market was brave. It found a few homes but ultimately it was competing with mainstream cars so couldn't really sell in the numbers it needed. 

    Styling is an aquired taste and has hints of BMC Allegro. Based on a Mk 1 or 2 Ford Escort the Tarragon was built on a tubular chassis and utilised the Escort engine, gearbox and running gear. 

    The fibreglass bodywork was well laid up and formed part of the structure of the car so was semi stressed. Windscreen was taken from the donor Escort. A good try but ultimately aimed a the wrong market. 


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    Magenta Tarragon - Lightspeed Panels. Magenta Tarragon


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